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W Talent

Your Recruitment Partner

Specialising in Property, Development, Construction, Real Estate, and Funds Management Recruitment. With a proven track record of matching top talent with leading companies. Let's elevate your team together.

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About W Talent

Up Close & Personal

Embark on a journey of recruitment excellence with W Talent, your premium gateway to top-tier talent acquisition. We leverage our expansive industry connections to streamline your hiring process, fostering reduced hiring timelines and unparalleled efficiency. 

Infused with passion, performance, and loyalty, W Talent is redefining the world of recruitment. We're not just filling job vacancies—we're connecting talented individuals with dynamic businesses that mirror their ambitions and ethos. 

In a world where the lines of truth in recruitment often blur, we champion transparency and integrity. By eliminating the 'sales pitch' approach, we focus solely on aligning exceptional talent with exceptional opportunities. Discover the difference with W Talent—where every match is a marriage of shared beliefs and mutual growth. Welcome to a new era of recruitment, welcome to W Talent.


At W Talent, we are deeply embedded in the property, construction, and real estate sectors, delivering specialised recruitment and consultancy services designed to fuel industry growth and transformation. With an unrivalled understanding of these dynamic markets, we strategically align our clients with the most accomplished professionals in the field, accelerating their journey towards business success. 

Our team is divided into two specialised arms, each essential to our holistic approach.


One-half of our powerhouse team is composed of dedicated talent acquisition specialists. These industry savants tirelessly network, proactively connecting with the crème de la crème of talent, keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry's evolving skillset landscape. Their goal? To know the best before they become the best, ensuring our clients always have access to top-tier professionals. 

The other half of our team comprises astute client consultants, strategists with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the property, construction, and real estate sectors. They work hand in glove with our clients, offering insightful, tailored advice that empowers them to leverage the full potential of their workforce.

In the intertwining of these two areas of expertise, W Talent has mastered the science of recruitment and the art of client consultation. Together, we form a recruitment powerhouse focused on delivering excellence within the property, construction, and real estate sectors. Choose W Talent—where exceptional professionals meet extraordinary opportunities.


Working With the Best

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Our Team

We are a boutique agency that specialises in the property lifecycle and our focus is on matching quality candidates and clients in a highly competitive market. Our team of specialists has extensive experience and knowledge to assist you throughout the entire process.


Adam Weraksa


[email protected]
+61 485 974 220


Don Weraksa


[email protected]
+61 4000 54 000


Kaushik Kumar

Marketing & Operations Manager


Rinki Mondal

Recruitment Coordinator

olivia (1)_edited_edited_edited.png

Olivia Higgins

Associate Director

[email protected]
+ 422 854 336


India Burrell



Kirsty Effiong

Talent Acquisition Partner

[email protected]
+61 485976673

Jordan Hodge

“Olivia was professional, concise, and excellent to work with. She took me on not only my experience, but face value also. She ensured that the role she found for me was tailored to my working and emotional needs alike. I am now in my dream role surrounded by excellent like minded individuals. 10/10."

Bharat Ramaswamy

"I had the pleasure to work with Emma Macciotta from W Talent. Emma is extremely professional and do take great care for her clients. She responds and more importantly, listen to my need.
She went above and beyond to secure me the perfect employer who I see myself working for a very very long time.
I will not hesitate recommending W Talent because of Emma."

Tony Elaro

"Don is a great guy, and what I liked about him is that he is a straight forward guy and honest. You can’t find recruiters like that most of the time. He helped through the whole process and I succeeded in getting the job!"

Stay in Touch

Contact & Connect

Victoria: 5 Bennetts Rd, Mornington 

   NSW: Level 4, 29 Kiora Road, Miranda 
             QLD: Level 6, 200 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

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